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An Interview with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

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As many of you know, Zen Habits is one of my favorite blogs.

I love hearing Leo's insights on life... he has amazing perspective on how to simplify, de-stress, change habits, and life a happy, fulfilling life.

As he says here, "Focus on one tiny change, and take one step." It's amazing how doing just that can change your life!

Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Leo about his upcoming book, Mastering the Art of Change. I'm so excited to share this interview with him, and can't wait to read the book!

Photo by Karen Walrond.

What are you most excited about with the release of Mastering the Art of Change?

Leo: I didn't invent the ideas in this book, but they've changed my life completely. Not only have I changed a couple dozen habits, but I've learned to simplify, find mindfulness, be more content and at peace. I’m most excited about sharing these ideas with people, because I really think they’ll change other people’s lives as well. That’s an amazing opportunity for me.

How has mindfulness inspired your life?

Leo: I started Zen Habits as a way to explore the intersection of mindfulness and change, and it’s really revolutionized everything about me. I wouldn't have been able to make all of the changes I've made without mindfulness. And it’s caused me to be less goal-oriented, and more process-oriented, more focused on the present moment, more content with where I am. I’m no longer striving as much as I used to, and that’s allowed me to slow down and enjoy life a lot more.

Who should read this book?

Leo: Anyone looking to make changes, or who wants help dealing with life changes. Anyone who struggles with frustration, fears, anger, relationship problems, money problems. Anyone willing to do a little work, one small step at a time, to make gradual but lasting and meaningful changes to their lives. So everyone, really, except the most enlightened Buddhists, perhaps!

What’s your advice for someone who is new to mindfulness, or overwhelmed by the things he or she would like to change?

Leo: I was there once too, and the problem is that the feeling of being overwhelmed can stop you from even starting. What worked for me was just taking one step, and seeing how that worked out. Then another. Then another. Each step was ultimately doable, not difficult or scary. And the gradual change that came from one step at a time, focusing on one little change at a time, has been powerful. Focus on one tiny change, and take one step.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

Leo: For anyone who feels stuck, or hopeless, or full of doubt, know that you’re not alone. We all feel that way. We’re all struggling in our own way. In that way, we’re all united, linked in the commonality of trying to find our way in the world.

Don’t give up. Find someone else, like me, who is going through what you’re going through, and share your struggles. Help each other. Get outside your head and focus on someone else’s problems. Learn to mindfully appreciate each moment, each step, and see that there are miracles all around you. Smile, and breathe, and take one step.

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