Sunday, November 16, 2014

Align Yourself with Your Greatest Passions

I am lucky, to say the least.

With fall in full swing, and its cooler temperatures and shorter days, I've been enjoying any chance to be cozycurling up with a good book, sitting by a fireplace, rolling out my yoga mat for a hot vinyasa class, and of course, spending time writing.

Align yourself with your greatest passions, is what my inner wisdom has been telling me lately.

What would your life look like if you did that? If you made time for the things you absolutely love, without exception?

Of course, we all have responsibilities. We have unexpected suffering that shows up in our path. We get tired and frustrated and lazy.

I think it's worth the reminder, though, to say to myself: I deserve happiness. And I'm capable of living a happy and fulfilled life doing what I love, making time for me. I'm starting right now.

If you're wallowing in negativity, or feeling frustrated (like I was earlier this week), try stepping back for a moment. Before you act, ask yourself, Will this serve my highest joy?

A shift is possible. But this means you have to shed the excuses. Sometimes, you will have to say no. You have to make time for the things you really care about.

Tote bag by Redbubble.

If you're feeling stuck, try creating something new. Go make art. Give yourself the freedom to do something you don't normally do.

In my case, I'll pack up my laptop in this lovely bag that was gifted to me by Redbubble. (I love that the artistic design reminds me that expressing myself brings me peace.) I'll drive to my favorite local coffee shop and type for a few hours, or sometimes just doodle in my notebook, or people watch.

I'll say hello to people, and listen when they have a story to share.

Through my blogging, I'll often connect with yogis around the world: teachers, business owners, book writers, new students, people who are curious, creative, and inventive.

I'm lucky, to say the least, because these connections matter so much to me. I'm lucky to be a blogger who enjoys the expressive part of writing as much as the part where I am building community and support, and encouraging kindness in others.

I was reading the Red Bubble blog today and stumbled upon this Seth Godin quote. It speaks to the way that art really is a human endeavor: 

“You may know how to use fancy online graphic design tools, you may know how to play at a totally different level than people do online, but if there isn't that leap that leads to connection, it doesn't matter if you’re a car mechanic or a graphic designer, you’re not making art.

My invitation to you today is this: consider what's holding you back from living a life you truly love. Consider the fears that are keeping you from creating your art. You have something to contribute that the world really needs... and you're capable, strong, and creative.

You're lucky, too.

PS If you're a fan of supporting independent artists, I encourage you to check out Redbubble. They have created a beautiful online community of unique and edgy artwork that you can use to create gifts like t-shirts, iPhone cases, tote bags, posters, postcards, or stickers. Pretty awesome, and especially great for holiday gifts!

PPS A great article from Zen Habits if you need help learning how to say no.

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