Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yogi Surprise

Last night felt a little bit like an early Christmas... I got my first YOGI SURPRISE box!

I’m head over heels for Yogi Surprise, and so excited about what this brand stands for. The idea behind the boxes is simple: each month you get a box with a variety of wholesome treats and holistic products.

Self compassion is a practice, and I loved that receiving my Yogi Surprise box felt like a great reminder to take a moment to say thank you to mySELF for all that I do.

The first launch box was themed “Love Yourself,” and its contents were spot on: herbal tea, aromatherapy spray, facial towelettes, a nutrition bar, and even chocolate macaroons (!!!). I dove in immediately, and loved the facial wipes (made my face feel super refreshed!) and raw vegan chocolate macaroons (to die for!).

This morning on the way to work I ate my Pitta bar and loved the little kick of ginger in there. It left me feeling satisfied and energized, too.

Now that I’ve had the chance to try Yogi Surprise, I’m impressed. The boxes feature only high quality brands, and the team offers some cool ways to interact—you can enter to win a yoga retreat, or if you get friends to sign up, you can get a box for free! So rad.

I think I may just have to add this to my list for Sponsored Yogi benefits… :)

Will you guys check out Yogi Surprise? If so, please use me as a referral!

Much love, yogis! XO


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