Friday, October 3, 2014

Hawaiian Ola Noni Fruit Juice

Photos courtesy of Deborah.

With cold season quickly approaching, now is a great time to share this post by sponsored yogi Deborah-- featuring the delicious, healthy noni fruit drink, Hawaiian Ola. Enjoy!

Anyone who has visited a health food store in the past few years has heard about Noni Fruit, one of the super-foods you will find in the supplement department next to Acai, cacao and green powder. The fruit comes from a tropical tree related to coffee, and islanders use it as a remedy for menstrual cramps, irregular bowel, diabetes, liver issues and urinary tract infections. 

As a practicing super hero and yogini goddess, I have always been a fan of these food medicines, but I have never tried any of the noni products. I may have been spoiled by my Caribbean friend who brought me back some fresh noni from the Islands when I wanted to become pregnant (it worked!). So I hesitated to try bottled or powdered noni fruit.

Hawaiian OLA’s noni drinks arrived at my door at the perfect moment to give it a chance. Just returning from a cross country flight, I had caught the seemingly inevitable airplane sniffle. OK, this case of noni immunity may be just what the doctor (me) ordered. I commenced chugging these delightful treats -- either straight or mixing them with water, coconut water, or smoothies. They work. Sniffle healed within days. And the noni energy gives a nice gentle boost without the shakiness or crash of caffeine. Until I can get myself to a tropical island, I am thankful for Hawaiian Ola’s products. 

Thanks, Deborah, for sharing your thoughts on Hawaiian Ola!

PS Another post by Deborah about being flexible.

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