Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Morning Routines

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What do you do first thing in the morning?

For a long time, my mornings have looked like this:
  • wake up to phone alarm
  • snooze 2-3 times (10 minutes each)
  • quickly check notifications – mostly Facebook and emails
  • roll out of bed, get dressed, wash face
  • start pot of boiling water for French press coffee
  • sometimes spend 5 minutes putting on makeup or styling my hair
  • make coffee, and sometimes breakfast (egg and toast, yogurt, smoothie, or juice)
  • pack a lunch 
  • drive to work, singing in the car on the way

While I do love that I have a low-maintenance morning routine, I often find that I start the day feeling frazzled because I’m in a rush. Instead of starting off the day in a mindful way, I hurry to work.

Today, instead of rushing out the door, I managed to wake up a little early to give myself time to make a fresh juice. I sat on my patio to drink it, and a feeling of such peace came over me. It was an open-eyed meditation: just noticing the air, the sunlight, any noises around me, my breath, the feeling of calm in my body. 

I also took a little extra time putting on my mascara and styling my hair, which always makes me feel good about myself. I try to approach this not from a place of ego, but of general self care and having confidence about my appearance – being an empowered woman! :)


I’m hoping to shift my morning routine in the next few months, implementing these changes:
  • buy an alarm clock, so the first thing I experience isn’t a screen, and so I have a chance to connect with myself before I get pulled into conversations (detaching from my smartphone, woohoo!)
  • get up after the first alarm, instead of snoozing (getting to bed earlier would help with this)
  • start the day with 2-3 minutes of writing; this could be setting an intention or doing my gratitude list
  • do at least 3 sun salutations every morning
  • add a juice or smoothie to my daily routine (alongside the coffee)
  • download new music every week or so I can mix it up while I’m driving
Are you a 'morning person?' What is your morning routine? 

Also: a 3-minute morning yoga routine!

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