Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kombucha Love

 Do you guys like kombucha?

It’s a bubbly fermented tea drink that’s great for your digestion. You can find it in lots of flavors at the grocery store, and more and more I’m hearing about friends who brew at home, and local restaurants and food trucks that offer it on tap.


Recently I had the pleasure of trying Kombucha Wonder Drink, and I have to say I’m impressed with their sparkling varieties! My favorite is the Essence of Mango; it’s just the right amount of sweetness.

I also loved re-using the little bottles for drinking water throughout my work day. (You could even put a few Gerber daisies in one and set it on your desk as a way to brighten up the room!)

It’s great that Kombucha Wonder Drink doesn’t need to be refrigerated until after it’s opened – meaning you could place an order online and have it shipped to you, rather than needing to buy it in the grocery store. This is because the kombucha is pasteurized, so it is absent of live cultures, and therefore shelf stable. The drink still has active organic acids—the stuff in kombucha that helps improve digestion and detoxify. Kombucha Wonder Drink is the only brand to offer this shelf-stable variety, because of founder Stephen Lee's expertise in the tea industry (he also co-founded the Stash and Tazo Tea companies).

What’s your favorite kombucha flavor?

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