Monday, September 15, 2014

Kathryn Budig on Self Discovery

 Photo via YogaJournal.

This month’s Yoga Journal feature on Kathryn Budig is rad. In the interview, she speaks about self-discovery, and her approach to yoga and to life, which is her mantra “Aim True.”

I love love LOVE Kathryn Budig’s perspective, and the way she invites balance into her life. She talks about how she eats based on what her body needs and what she’s craving, not based on a strict set of ‘rules’ associated with a particular diet. Life is to be enjoyed, she says. That includes chocolate chip cookies and a glass of wine sometimes. And there is no ‘ideal’ yoga body—and nothing wrong with cellulite.

Photo by Robert Sturman via YogaJournal.

She says:

“In our media, we airbrush it out and people think we are supposed to have these super-smooth bodies. My fiancĂ© was like, ‘Who is the person who said that cellulite is not attractive?’ It is so true—why is that not OK? It’s easy to go onto social media and look at a picture of a smiling, pretty person and think they have it all. I think that is when social media gets really, really dangerous. We want to have the lives of other people we don’t even know. But they could be going home and crying every single night. 

Photo by Jeff Nelson via Yoga Journal.

And, on aging gracefully:

“…It has been a challenge to watch my 25-year-old body turn into a 32-year-old body. It is not depressing; it is the evolution of a woman. This body, whether it is 10 pounds skinnier or 10 pounds heavier, can still do those postures because it is strong. I stay focused on what I feel, on the results. I have a lot of love in my life, and I didn’t have that when I was 25. If I get hung up on what my body looks like, I am losing track of my goal, of my aim.

Beautifully said… and thank you. This is a message I certainly can’t hear enough!

PS An awesome documentary about the ‘body image movement,’ which encourages women to love their bodies more, and let go of cultural ideals of what’s considered beautiful.

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