Thursday, August 14, 2014

Yogi Surprise

Photos via Yogi Surprise.

As a yoga blogger, I hear about a lot of cool yoga gear, clothing, books, and health and wellness products. It’s rare that I’m really stoked about a promotion, but this morning I heard about Yogi Surprise and I got super excited…

Because really, who doesn’t love surprises?!

Especially when that surprise is a box on your doorstep every month that contains yoga goodies!

If you’re a Yogi Surprise member, you get 6-8 full size products ranging from items like unique yoga accessories and natural beauty items to herbal tonics, organic snacks, super food essentials and more. It’s like a little mini retreat every month, a little reminder to be good to yourself.  

Yogi Surprise is doing a giveaway of a lifetime membership if you sign up for their newsletter. Go sign up!
I’ll also be blogging about the Yogi Surprise treats in detail soon, and offering a coupon code, so stay tuned. :)

PS The Yogi Surprise Facebook page is rad, too! All these lovely inspirational photo illustrations are from there. XO!

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