Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When You are Quiet, You See Everything With Love

When I am quiet, I can hear the cries of my heart.

Sometimes it is when I am just driving in my car that it hits me—how precious the moment is, how sacred the song sounds, how beautiful the light is falling through the window.

I see in the mirror, the look in my own eye.

There is a knowing in my heart, the knowing that I am finally beginning to fall deeply in love with myself.

I love the moment when someone notices me, and maybe their eyes flash over to my hair or my colorful tattooed arm, and their eyes go a little wider and a smile comes across their face. And I am astonished, now, how I can look in the mirror and feel that same rush, that same reassured and calm energy that you get when someone familiar and peaceful is in your presence. 

How you are drawn to them quietly… an effortless, magnetic pull. Sometimes, just a nameless feeling, simply a sense of harmony.

Photo by Cait Loper.

Tears come to me in the quiet – in the in-between, the precious stillness.

There is so much beauty and peace there, blossoming.

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