Saturday, August 23, 2014

All-Natural Shea Body Oil

What kind moisturizer do you use? Personally, I’m a fan of all-natural oils, and have started using them more often than lotion. They’re great after a hot shower, especially after shaving, and they are great for keeping fully-healed tattoos looking beautiful!

Recently Deborah, one of my lovely sponsored yogis, was able to try Out of Africa’s Shea Butter BodyOil. She was impressed! Here were her reflections on trying it…

Pretty much the only item in my medicine cabinet is coconut oil.  I don’t even use shampoo.  But I am game to try anything scented with grapefruit: it’s a natural anti-depressant—gotta love those citrus oils!)  The ingredients of Out of Africa’s Shea Body Oil are simple and pure - shea butter, vitamin E, and oils of avocado, almond and calendula.


 Now I have 2 beauty products!  I use the shea butter oil on my body—perfect after a day in the sun.  It feels cooling in the summer heat.  It works as a face oil too.  

It comes in a variety of scents: lavender, vanilla, pomegranate, lemon verbena and unscented.  I suggest going with your intuition when choosing a flavor.  That was my approach which worked beautifully.

Yum!  Enjoy!

Do you have any go-to beauty products you use? I’d love to hear!

PS Speaking of good smells…here are some of my favorite yoga mat cleaner sprays.

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