Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wanderlust 2014 at Squaw Valley (Yoga and Music in Tahoe)

Last weekend I enjoyed some adventuring at Wanderlust Squaw. Were you guys at the festival?

I didn’t buy a ticket this year, which actually ended up being perfect. I was free to just enjoy the atmosphere, people watch, and catch up with friends… just take it all in without being on a schedule :)

Here are some of my favorite moments…

Seeing beautiful Lake Tahoe.


Yoga shenanigans… Acro yoga, arm balances and inversions, hula hooping…




Live music, hugs with friends old and new, and good food.


Wild mountain weather (it poured!).


Beautiful scenery at Squaw. Tahoe is truly a magical spot.


Rad vendors who sell handmade crafts like this lamp I bought:

Overall it was a lovely weekend, and I had a blast!

PS Last year’s Wanderlust was fantastic too – I met Dharma Mittra and took his asana class and meditation and pranayama workshop! Life changing.

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