Monday, June 30, 2014

Playing the Victim

Photos via Coffee and Yoga and My Morning Coffee on Tumblr.

Sometimes I fall into this cycle of playing the victim.

This happened recently when I was having intense low back pain. I’d be standing at work, or driving in my car, and be completely overwhelmed. What did I do to deserve this pain? When will it end? I just want to be back on my yoga mat! This isn’t fair!

I felt helpless to my own situation. There’s nothing I can do to make this better.

Then, last week, I started actively pursuing healing for myself and it was uncanny, how quickly I felt better.

Seeing my doctor and chiropractor is helping to rule out the possibilities. Seeing my reiki healer is helping to release fear and attachment to the physical pain. Choosing to eat better, to go for walks, and to get more sleep is helping my aching body to heal.

Talking it through with people I love is helping me to remember I am not alone.

The reality is that there are things that I am doing to make it better.

It’s getting better, and will continue to.

The reality is that I have a choice in how I react. I can choose to see myself as beautiful, perfect, and healed. In fact, I can step into that reality right here, right now and let things be OK as they are.

Instead of playing the victim and living in the fear, I choose to love myself. To heal.

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