Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yoga Retreats and Summer Travel

Photos courtesy of Sam.

Are you guys traveling this summer?

I have some yoga friends who are on a retreat in Costa Rica right now, and I’ll find myself daydreaming about joining them on the beach! I would so love to take a vacation.

My lovely sponsored yogi Sam visited gorgeous Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic recently. So beautiful!

She also got the chance to try out an all-natural moisturizing oil product called KiwiGlow. Here are her thoughts about the product.

Kiwi Glow currently carries three oils: Earth, Verde and Amaya, all of which are for both him and her. I was excited to receive all three to try and Verde is definitely my favorite; I love the eucalyptus and citrus combination. My significant other has already claimed the bottle of Amaya Kiwi Glow :)

The oil: I’ve dealt with eczema on and off my entire life and have the most sensitive skin so I was a little skeptical about using Kiwi Glow, but it’s all natural cold-pressed sesame oil, so it’s both gentle and moisturizing. The essential oils truly sooth the skin and smell ah-mazing. 

Packaging: I absolutely love the frosted bottles! Kiwi Glow comes in a beautiful bottle and the pump minimizes mess. 

Price: Initially I thought the price of $35 for a 4 oz bottle of daily skin oil was a bit much, but for what you get, it’s definitely worth it. I’ve been using Verde every day for the past two weeks when I step out of the shower and it still looks like a brand new bottle. 

Verdict: Kiwi Glow is a great natural moisturizer. Treat your body to these uplifting, luxurious oils! 

Note: KiwiGlow is offering 20% off all orders for the month of June, and they always have free shipping!

Whether you’re home for the summer, or having adventures around the world, I hope you’re enjoying some sunshine and relaxation. Much love!

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