Monday, May 12, 2014

Using a Block During Yoga

Photo by Justin Kral.

Using a block during yoga class can help you deepen your practice, whether you’re trying a balancing pose you've never done before, or feeling a posture in a new way by finding integrated alignment.

Photo via Boforbesyoga.

A block can also be used to build strength, like if you’re holding one during a warrior pose…

…or even to encourage the body to relax, the joints to open, and the muscles to release and lengthen, like in supported savasana.
Photo via Shop Half Moon.

I love using a block in Warrior III, and Balancing Half Moon.

You can even try standing on a block for Tree pose, to play with improving your balance.

Photo via The Daily Bandha.

Or placing a block under each shoulder during Chaturanga Dandasana, to feel the alignment in the shoulders. I also highly recommend using a strap around the upper arms, just above the elbows, when you’re learning this pose!

Photo via Hearts Expanding.
Photo via Pinterest.

If you’re looking for a block to use for your home practice or a sweaty vinyasa class, I highly recommend Kulae’s cork yoga block. The block has great traction and is eco-friendly.

Photo via Kulae.

If you’re doing a more relaxed, non-heated practice or a yin class, I recommend JBN Woodcraft’s handmade wood yoga block. These are so beautiful – handmade in a variety of types of wood, including maple, sappelle, and cherry. You can have a custom engraving made, like the “Bhakti” text seen here. These blocks are a bit heavier but perfect for keeping around your home in your own sacred space. They’d make a lovely gift for your favorite yogi friends and teachers, or even a nice piece to put on your at-home altar, if you have one!

Photo via JBN Woodcraft.

Do you have certain postures you’re working on with a block? 

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