Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finding the Edge

Photos by Justin Kral of Kral Studios.

There is this place of equilibrium in every pose.

Often we race past it, pushing harder than we need to, straining.

As a way of checking in, I like to ask myself, am I breathing fully, filling the lungs?

Often I'll say to my students, where can you soften?

Enter a posture with softness, holding a sense of reverence for the body. Listen to what's going on. Notice. 

At the edge, prana flows freely through the body, feeding all its layers-- from the muscles down to the tissues and organs, skin all the way to subtle energetic body. 

Let the pose be an act of compassionate listening, not of exerting power or control. 

There is nothing to achieve, no place to get to. At the edge, you've found a comfortable seat, a place where you can stay and breathe.

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