Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finding Comfort

Can I find comfort even on the days when I am hurting?

I am trying not to resist what is, and instead to be present, aware, and focused on healing. Sciatica—any chronic pain—is hard to endure.

I feel relief in the small moments. A friend at work reminds me that healing takes time, and I believe her. She had shoulder surgery only a few months ago, and she was finally able to swim this weekend. Trust in the process, she said.

When I am able to shift my focus away from the pain, I am OK.

For now, I will move slowly. I will do less, and listen more. I will sing my mantras and welcome the tears. I will surround myself with those I love. And I will learn to be with myself, to know my body, in a new way.

Today I stand in the fire, trusting in the tapas—that heat that burns off all that does not serve me.

Have you ever experienced sciatica? What helped? Here are some healing methods I use.

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