Wednesday, April 16, 2014

True Beauty

Being beautiful means believing in yourself. Trusting your inner wisdom, even as you take risks. Beautiful is throwing convention to the wind, and doing it your own way.

This week, I chopped off a bunch of my hair—I went for it, even though I knew it would be different than any style I've had before. And I love it! I feel sexy and unique and playful.

Beautiful is saying YES to opportunities that come your way.

This week I said YES to the chance to teach yoga at my home studio, Leap Yoga in Folsom. I’ll be sharing an hour of asana with my wonderful community and I am thrilled! My intention for the class is to humble myself, to be willing to be seen, and to have fun.

Beautiful is being dedicated to the soulful practices that allow you to love others.

This week, I’m spending time on my mat, meditating, reading, and remembering to take time for myself, even as I serve. In all I do, I seek peace and balance.

In this moment, I feel beautiful. And I think you’re beautiful too!

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