Friday, April 11, 2014

Teaching Yoga with a Humble Heart

Photo by Cait Loper Photography.

Teaching yoga is a gift. I am so humbled by witnessing a student experience the practice.

That peaceful look at the end of class, it lights me up inside. Sometimes I’ll watch a yogi laying in savasana, no wrinkles in his forehead, the slightest hint of a smile at his lips, and it hits me: I’m doing what I am here to do. I am sharing what I am meant to share.

Yoga is such a gift. I can’t hold onto it. I can’t create it. Even my own practice: I must let go of it.

As I teach, I strive simply to offer myself in service, allowing myself to be seen, encouraging my students. I’m really not doing anything; I’m just helping students get out of their own way, and that’s where the shifts happen.

When we show up over and over again, we are bound to find success.

Practice and all is coming is how Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said it.

Dharma Mittra says, With constant practice comes success.

Thank you, students, for coming to your mat. Thank you, teachers who have gone before me. I bow humbly to you, in gratitude. I bow to the students whose paths will cross mine.


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  1. Well written, each word of your post tells how much you respect yoga. Love reading it.