Friday, April 18, 2014

Relief for Sciatica Pain

I've had a couple days with sciatica pain this week. Here’s how I’m dealing:

Coming to my mat at home. A gentle, slow-moving yoga practice serves me right now, and the pace and energy of a power vinyasa class is too much.

Frog pose and double pigeon feel amazing. Warrior poses and revolved triangle, not so much.

Awareness and patience. I build these through meditation.

Massage. It can be painful, but there is a lot of release. I work with some fantastic massage therapists and I’ve been consistent with my foam roller and tennis ball for on my own, too.

Reiki. Energy healing works wonders!

Rest. Perhaps most important on this list: remembering to make time for me, to be in stillness. Healing takes time.

Have you ever had sciatica pain? What helped?

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