Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happiness (I'm 26 Today!)

Today is my 26th birthday, and I’m feeling grateful.

I am so blessed, and I live such a beautiful life.

I am surrounded by loved ones who care about me and lift me up. I have a healthy body, a stable job, and a comfortable home. I am able to share my passion for yoga with others. I am a student and I am a teacher. I have a vibrant yoga community and studio to call home, and I continue to connect with yogis around the country through this lovely little blog.

Yesterday I took a moment to sit on the grass at a local park, and I was stunned by how happy I felt. I am so, so grateful to be in a place in my life where I feel calm, centered, grounded, and at peace.

May my next year of living be a beautiful expression of love. May I grow and learn every day. May I continue to live fearlessly, love courageously, give humbly, and cherish each moment as it comes along.

PS A very happy birthday to my beautiful twin sister, too! :) I love you and I'm so grateful to share life and yoga with you.

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