Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Santosha: Contentment

Photos via Pinterest.

In this moment, I am happy.

In this moment, I am full, content, alive.

In this moment, I feel a peaceful kind of happiness where I can rest without desire.

On my mat, I am content with where I am in the posture today. I accept this moment as it is.

Today, I practice santosha. I practice contentment.

Yogachicago.com describes santosha this way:

“Contentment is serenity, but not complacency. It is comfort, but not submission; reconciliation, not apathy; acknowledgment, not aloofness. Contentment is a mental decision, a moral choice, a practiced observance, a step into the reality of the cosmos. Contentment/santosha is the natural state of our humanness and our divinity and allows for our creativity and love to emerge. It is knowing our place in the universe at every moment. It is unity with the largest, most abiding, reality.”

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  1. I just found your blog and I can't stop reading through the achieves! Love your energy and stories of the torture chamber LOL I've never tried hot yoga, but now I really want to. Thanks for all that you share :)