Monday, February 10, 2014

Introducing Jena, A Sponsored Yogi

Today I am excited to introduce you guys to Jena, one of this year's sponsored yogis. Jena is a beautiful, vibrant yogini with a passion for health, wellness, yoga, dance, and psychology.

She is in graduate school for Marriage and Family Therapy and has studied mental health, bioenergetics, biofeedback, somatic psychology, and mindfulness. Jena has been dancing for 20 years, including three years professionally, and she's been teaching dance for 10 years.

I recently had the privilege of taking a vinyasa flow class with Jena , and it was wonderful to connect and hear the enthusiasm in her voice when she speaks about practicing yoga, living life in balance, and pursuing her dreams.


Here are Jena's reflections on some lovely donations from sponsors.

Camelback Water Bottle from Alicia Beam

This is such cute idea for Camelbak bottles: Alicia adds a dishwasher safe OM sign to the regular Camelbak bottles. It makes my water bottle stand out among the sea of other Camelbaks and would be unlikely to get lost!
Grapefruit Clove Dynamic Deodorant from Stone Body Products

This stuff was a godsend! I don’t like wearing deodorant (natural or not) because whenever I do, it makes me start sweating. The Dynamic Deo just covers odor. I put it under my armpits in the morning and didn't sweat all day, plus whiff of Grapefruit and Clove every now and then is energizing. 

Best of all is when you put it on your feet. I have stinky, stinky feet. So stinky that at a sleepover when I was 10, the other girls made me wash my feet in the sink because they smelled so bad.  A little bit between my toes and at the end of the day my feet didn’t smell their usual fierce foulness. It was a miracle.  I will be buying this for my Dad for Father’s Day! :)

Tea Forte Set

Tea Forte has a very cute collection of individually packaged loose teas. It was the perfect thing to come home to after having the first session with my first therapy client ever.  I tried the African Solstice with my favorite teapot. It has a comforting harvest-like taste that warmed my soul.

Thanks, Jena, for your reflections on these lovely products. Stay tuned for more posts about her yoga journey!

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