Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to Meditate During Your Daily Commute (Conquer Road Rage with Yoga!)

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On some days, morning traffic gets me down. I can get impatient, grumpy and irritated sitting in my car, or pissed off when other drivers are slow or incompetent.

Instead of getting swept up in my reactions lately, I've been trying instead to cultivate loving kindness during my commute time. Often I speak this mantra aloud and envision love and compassion reaching the people around me.

May you be well; may you be happy. May all beings be well; may all beings be happy.

Every now and then a driver in the car next to me will catch my eye and we exchange a smile. Silently, I wish them a heart-centered Namaste.

Stranger, fellow driver, fellow yogi: I acknowledge you. I honor and respect you. May you be well and happy.

It’s amazing how much a simple practice such as this can transform a very ordinary experience into something meaningful. The same happens when we give our practice on the mat away. We detach from the outcome and the yoga becomes a gift for the benefit of others.

More and more, I realize: everything in life is yoga. I carry my practice with me wherever I go.

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My invitation to you as you transition out of the Thanksgiving holiday and back into your work week is to practice loving kindness to everyone around you. Let your heart be full of love.

PS Here's another relaxing workday meditation.

PPS Another fun way I spend the commute is reciting the yoga flow I'm about to teach. Or just singing mantra.

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