Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy December!

Photos via Pinterest.

Somehow the holidays always manage to sneak up on me.

One minute it’s flip flop season and the next, Halloween and Thanksgiving have already passed. Do you guys feel this way?!

Regardless, I’m excited for December. I love seeing all the festive lights and getting cozy and wearing slippers and having hot chocolate. I love wearing scarves and boots. And I love how awesome it feels to be in the heat during yoga. Such a relief from the cold, and such a light, almost magical sense in my body by the end of class.

My intention this holiday season is to hold onto that feeling of release and lightheartedness throughout each day. To give myself the gift of yoga. To connect with those I love.

And not to get caught up in the whirlwind; rather, simply to enjoy each moment as it happens.

What are you up to this holiday season?

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