Sunday, December 29, 2013

All Is Love

"Hi, beautiful!"

To walk into a sacred space and be greeted by loving, kind, open-hearted yogis is such a gift. Today I am blown away by the love and gratitude present in my yoga community.

I am so, so grateful to connect with fellow students and teachers. To look around the room and sense the presence and compassion. To witness the beautiful energy that comes from raising our collective vibration.

I am so grateful to sit at the front of class and feel my heart flutter as I beat on my drum and sing a chant and watch the yogis around me engage fully in their practice.

As my teacher says, "We are all, quite literally, in this together."

We can choose to be loving and kind to each other. That energy we send out is coming right back to us.

"Everything around us is a sea of love... all you have to do is swim in it."

Today I am humbled in gratitude for the yogis standing on the mats next to me, for our teachers who fearlessly hold space and help us find our fire and stand in it.

All is love!

om shanti shanti shanti ~ ~ ~ peace!

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