Monday, November 18, 2013

On Happiness

Photo by Sarah Rhoads.

Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way.
-Swami Vishnu-Devananda

What makes you happy?

Photo by Christine Hewitt via Yogic Photos.

Lately I have been reflecting on my tendency to seek outwardly for happiness. I achieved my goal. I feel connected to my friends and family. I feel validated in my relationships. I feel good about what I do. I am happy that I took the time to practice yoga today.

Yet there is the possibility of something much deeper: happiness from within.

Photo by Tyler Branch.

I am happy simply to be. I am who I am. I accept and love myself. I am able to sit with myself comfortably in silence. I am OK alone.

My intention this week is to seek peace and contentment from within—not based on external circumstances, experiences or attachments. This week I will be gentle, loving and accepting with myself, creating happiness from the inside out.

Photo by Tyler Branch.

Where do you find happiness?

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