Monday, November 11, 2013

Lines of Energy

Do you consider the lines of energy in your body when you practice?

In each pose, we draw energy through the body along different meridians.

I discovered these photo illustrations via Wanderlust and love how they provide a beautiful representation of the shifting of energy that happens in yoga.

Each asana is like a painting with its own color, texture, richness.

Yogi/ writer Erich Schiffmann describes it this way:

Stiff and tight areas of your body inhibit the free circulation of energy and thereby strangle your internal supply of nourishment. These are the areas where you experience pain or discomfort to one degree or another. They are undernourished - crying for help. When clenched tightly this way, they remain separate, constricted, unrelated to the whole. As they open, they begin to receive nourishment once again. Physical discomfort and pain will disappear as healing occurs. When you restore lost movement to these tight areas of yourself, you rejuvenate them, bringing life to more of yourself.

As you open the physical meridians in the body, enlivening these energy channels, you are able to embrace life more fully. Body, mind, and spirit are all connected through these energy lines.

Become aware of them in your practice, inviting more space for transformation. 

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