Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Lately I am surprised by my own body.

In downward dog, my heels skim the floor.

In crow, my arms, wrists and hands are and steady and strong. I can stay for eight breaths instead of three.

I’m working on bringing my torso down onto my forearms in wheel.

Last night I moved effortlessly into Eka Pada Koundiyanasana II (Pose Dedicated to the Sage II), both feet hovering off the ground, my body resolute to hold the posture. Instead of falling out like I have so many times, I felt weightless, resilient.

I can hold handstand off the wall for a few breaths, and I recently tried handstand-ing forward from downdog into forward fold, and it worked. I hovered for a moment, feeling the thrill of the inversion, before I continued in my flow.

It is exciting to experience my practice deepening, my body unfolding, my heart opening.

It is beautiful to witness the beauty and power of change, to ask: whose body is this?

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