Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Teaching Yoga

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Yogis, I'm so excited! This week I start my 200 hour vinyasa teacher training.

It's hard to believe my yoga journey started over four and a half years ago, and pretty soon I'll be leading class. Getting certified to teach has been a long time coming: as you may remember, I originally thought I wanted to go the Bikram route and I also had plans to attend a training with Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC earlier this year.

I feel so blessed that the timing has finally worked out and that I am in the right mindset and space to dive in for this vinyasa training. 

I'm also stoked to be a part of such a loving, generous community over at Leap. I truly feel the love every time I walk into that studio, and I know training with Cathy and Corey will be incredible and incredibly transformative.

My heart feels so grateful and full every time I think about standing in front of a room of yogis and leading class.

Thanks for sharing in the journey with me, readers! You guys are the best.

If you're so inspired, I'd love if you could:

  • send me some love and light this week as I begin to train
  • reach out if you're a teacher, fellow teacher-in-training, or studio owner with ideas on how to get the most out of training and how to transition into teaching
  • donate to my yoga teacher training fund


Stay tuned for updates!

Wishing you love and light.


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