Sunday, October 20, 2013

Teacher Training Week One: Humility, Openness and Embodying the Fearless Voice

I did it! Week one of teacher training is complete!

My heart feels so full of love and gratitude right now. My body is exhausted, my mind present and awake. Already I've learned so much and connected so much with my practice, my teachers, and my fellow trainees. 

It's hard to put the experience into words, and I hope to write a more complete post later on... but here were a few highlights:
  • Practicing with some of my favorite teachers at LEAP each day of the training. Pushing my body to a new edge and diving deep into the asana even after I thought I wanted to give up. Listening to each teacher in a whole new way -- as a teacher and as a student. Noticing the cues, the transitions, the wisdom offered.
  • Working through fear
  • Becoming connected to my experience physically, emotionally and cognitively. Becoming more present than ever before.
  • Doing partner work with fellow trainees, and discovering the beauty of trust.
  • Teaching for the first time in front of a big group, and laughing as I stumbled through the words :) Accepting myself and allowing myself to feel strong even after moments of hesitation. Knowing that with practice, all will come!
  • Laughing over stories together and after hearing about the wild, ridiculous things that yoga teachers deal with and experience. Smiling while imagining myself experiencing those things.
  • Asking the big questions, like: what do I want to bring to my students? Why do I want to teach? What do I offer as a teacher? Who am I?
  • Committing to deepening my daily practices of asana, meditation, conscious eating, healthy relationships, open communication, and self-love and self-acceptance.

The path is laid before me, and I am walking it!

om namah shivaya om

Here's to enjoying the journey!


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