Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OmStays: HomeStays for the Yoga Journey

Photo via OmStays.

Are you a traveling yogi?

I just discovered a website/ community that will rock your world! OmStays is a reciprocal guest/host program that connects yoga travelers.

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Picture this: you're planning to hit up a big yoga or music festival, or go on vacation in a spot where you know there are a bunch of awesome studios you want to try. But you'd rather not spend a fortune on a hotel room... and you'd really like to plug in to the local yoga scene and meet some fellow yogis and teachers...

Photo via OmStays.

With OmStays, you can stay the night with an awesome host. You'll spend only $15 as a thank-you gratuity. You also have the opportunity to act as a host for other traveling yogis, a great way to meet new people and support fellow yogis in their adventures.

Here's how it works:
  • You join as a member for $35/year, set up your profile, and you can get started searching for other hosts.
  • You can use reviews on the website's directory to see what other members thought about their hosts and their OmStay experience.
  • Contact a host directly to inquire about availability and work out the details of your stay.
  • After your visit, share your experience as the guest or host on the OmStays website.
Photo via Pinterest.

The website also features ride shares, pet sitting, nonprofit opportunities, and an event board where yoga studios and teachers can post info about their classes. SO RAD!

OmStays is on Facebook, too!

I can't wait to try out OmStays. Stay tuned for more info soon...  I met recently with Kathie, the site's founder, and could not be more excited about helping her grow this community. I hope you guys will all check out the site!

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