Sunday, October 13, 2013

Climb On (This is the Beginning)

Yesterday I scaled Ballbuster Rock in Tahoe -- a little 5.7 climb to the top of a 50-foot boulder with a lot of great chimneying

I am really falling in love with the thrill of rock climbing. There is something breathtaking about the physical and mental challenge of following a route and executing each hold...the way my stomach sometimes still does little flips when I look down... and the satisfaction of reaching the top and knowing I made it by my own strength and determination.

It's also refreshing to experience the beginning, of being new to the whole experience. Rock climbing involves so many skills and techniques, and I have only just scratched the surface.  

Being a beginner allows me to be open and vulnerable, to check my ego. To persevere through discomfort.

The rock challenges me to face my fears and insecurities; in order to complete a climb I have to trust my instincts and my own strength. I must breathe through the moments that feel impossible. Keep going. I hear my inner knowing speak the truth, of knowing I am strong.

Like with the yoga, I am simply practicing flexibility, strength and balance. I am reaching within, and trusting that as I practice, all is coming.

Rock climbing gives me a chance to let go of my expectations and to be receptive to what's happening in the moment.

I return to the breath. I detach from the outcome. I push myself to my edge.

I climb on.

PS Do you climb? Have any tips or resources I should check out? Leave a comment below!

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