Sunday, October 13, 2013

AcroYoga at 11,000 Feet (A Video from Wanderlust)

This video is breathtaking! These two have such a gorgeous practice... they really seem to embody the beauty and grace of being in flow. They are alive with breath, in tune with the body's connection to nature, and so at peace with their yoga.

A smile with eyes closed...  the slow, sweet movement of hands in prayer from the third eye to the heart center... the effortlessness of finding balance in each pose. Definitely inspiring!

Watching this really makes me want to be at Wanderlust again, and to try some acro yoga! (Have you guys tried it?!)

I feel very grateful that I've been able to practice in nature this weekend. Tahoe is such an be able to stand on a mountain and listen to the wind in the trees, and feel the sun on my face... it's such a different experience when you take your yoga outside.

Feeling so full of love and gratitude! Hope you're having a beautiful day. XO

Here are a few other inspiring yoga videos: some yoga on the beach and Brihony Smyth doing her sultry flow.

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