Saturday, September 14, 2013

Holding Your Handstand

Photos via Pinterest.

Are you working on handstand?

Recently I've been playing with being upside down. At home, I like to use the wall since I am still developing the strength and balance to hold the pose.

In class the other night, I got a great tip from my teacher about moving my gaze a few feet farther away from my hands.

If you feel stuck, try this: kick your feet up and try flexing to start (heels toward the ceiling). Engaging your muscles this way gives you a little more control. Then, instead of looking straight down near your hands, look a foot or so beyond your fingertips

When I tried this, it was suddenly much easier to stay with my feet floating above my head. Don't you love that moment when you discover some little adjustment that revolutionizes the experience of a posture? :)

Do you have any other tips on handstand? 

PS Here are some great articles to read, too:
Oh, and remember this: Anyone can do handstands, but not everyone will. First, you've got to tell yourself, I've got this!

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