Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Falling for Fall (Yoga in Autumn)

Photos via Pinterest.

Fall is upon us!

I am so looking excited for cooler temperatures, wearing cozy sweaters and scarves, and having real fires in the fireplace.

This weekend I was up in Tahoe and we experienced a big rainstorm which left a dusting of snow on the peaks. Exciting!

Are you looking forward to the new season?

Fall is a beautiful transition time when you can consider adding an invigorating flow to your practice to build heat, or even complimenting your yoga with a cleanse.

Or, on those gray days, try riding the wave of heaviness and allow yourself to be OK in a quiet, reflective space. You may be used to taking hot classes during the colder months as a way to counteract the weather, but remember that you also have the option of being in tune with what's around you and accepting what is.

Ground down with poses like malasana, mountain pose, warrior II, bridge, or tree.

However your practice manifests, I'm wishing you a lovely start to fall!


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