Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yogi on the Move

Hey lovelies! Hope you've been having a beautiful weekend. 

I just returned to California after an amazing road trip to Chicago. It was quite an adventure driving all the way across the country (solo on the way out, and with my sister on the way back)! I woke up this morning feeling so grateful to be back and to have had the chance to do some summer traveling.

4,000 miles of driving definitely did a number on my body though...let's just say my sad, sore upper back and shoulders and my tight hips were very excited for a hot vinyasa class today!

Stay tuned for a post on yoga for long road trips. I'll give you some advice for postures that will help keep you limber and give you great energy for those long days of sitting.

This week I plan to share a mix of exciting posts... highlights from the road trip, updates on my new job and upcoming yoga teacher training (!!!), and some reflections on recent insights from teachers during class.

Thanks for your patience and see you around the blog again soon!


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