Friday, August 16, 2013

Tasty Bite: Healthy Indian and Pan-Asian Meals on the Go

 Above photo by me; below photos via Tasty Bite.

Are you a healthy eater?

I've recently been opting for pescatarian choices and trying to avoid heavy meals. I was excited when the team over at Tasty Bite reached out to me about trying some of their all-natural Indian and Pan-Asian heat-and-eat meals.

Their entrees are perfect for days when you don't have time to pack a lunch for work, or you're too tired to fix an elaborate meal for dinner.



Tasty Bite sent me a sampling of their 1-step 1-minute entrees, including the Lemongrass Ginger noodles, the Pad Thai noodles, the Kashmir spinach and the Ginger Lentil rice. All were delicious! 

I was a little surprised at how the noodle dishes were spicy, but I enjoyed the fact that they had a little kick :)

I would highly recommend this brand to anyone interested in a quick option for a tasty, healthy meal without preservatives. Their packages don't have to be refrigerated, either, which is convenient. 

Thanks, Tasty Bite, for sharing the love! 

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