Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Photos by me.

The world moves quickly. My world feels like it's moving too quickly. Am I missing something?

The precious nature of spontaneous breath, the fullness of the breath, the depth of the pose.

If I just keep moving, keep going, won't the pace slow eventually? Won't I catch up with my own heartbeat?

It's pounding in my chest.

If I can just make it over one more mountain, I tell myself, the rest will be easier.

But easier doesn't come, unless I beckon it. Unless I seek it out. Unless I make space available.

Easier doesn't happen to me; I make it happen from within.

I choose the path. I slow the breath. I leave work early enough to make it to yoga class. I rest in the postures when my body calls for rest.

I choose my own wellness. I choose to resurface from the dark depths of stress. And suddenly, the world slows again. And all is well with my soul. :)

So...as if you haven't noticed from my lack of posts and from this one: I've been busy :) And I have a lot of cool things in the works that I'm itching to share...

Like a post about the amazing GoodBelly Challenge I'm doing (mmm priobiotics!).

And a review of Tara Stiles' awesome new book, Yoga Cures.
And a post about recent eats, with some yummy wholesome recipes to share!

I hope you'll stay tuned, dear reader. And I hope you're de-stressing too, as you need. (If you'd like more to read, this post from Zen Habits is nice.)

Be well!


  1. Good Post - I see you got your Tara Stiles book - I haven't gotten mine yet. Think it's in the mail somewhere. *sigh*

  2. Tara stiles book is really awesome!How alive in fire?